The Ruggedized model of the award-winning Portable Cluster comes in a shock-protected rackmount case that adheres to applicable sections of MILSPEC standards.

Able to run up to 128 processor cores on just two 120VAC 20-amp circuits, the Ruggedized Portable Cluster can go places where, until now, high-performance computing simply wasn’t realistic. It’s a high-performance solution that can tackle any global challenge in today’s computing environment.

Nor-Tech’s Portable Cluster was named Best in Show–Most Innovative Server Product at the Intel Solutions Summit in Las Vegas in April 2008.

The Ruggedized Portable Cluster’s one-of-a-kind case comes with various modification options as well as an optional shipping container with rolling ramp for easy loading.

Nor-Tech has developed and configured clusters for a wide variety of scientific applications, including projects funded by the NSF, NIH and DARPA.

  • The completely configurable cluster is energy efficient and runs quietly with low heat generation, offering the highest available power at the lowest possible consumption
  • Ruggedized chassis meets applicable sections of military standards such as MIL-STD-108, MIL-STD648 and MIL-STD-810
  • Run up to 128 cores on just two 120VAC 20-amp circuits
  • Casters can be removed and stored inside the unit, allowing multiple units to be stacked
  • Double continuous gasket system with automatic pressure equalization valve for optimal environmental protection
  • Shock absorbers line the chassis, keeping the system protected from sudden impact as well as sustained vibration.
  • Sturdy, lockable casters roll smoothly, even over rough terrain
  • Optional shipping container with rolling ramp is also available
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