Impact designed and manufactured a rackmount case with custom rack offsets for the transport and deployment of a 300 lbs. computer system used by the USAF.

The Industry: Defense

Application: Impact designed a rackmount case manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum with a custom rack frame for the transportation and deployment of a computer system of considerable weight

The Challenge:
: The project required a non-standard case design that would accommodate the weight of the payload.

The Solution: Because of the offset requirements and payload considerations, a new design from the ground up was required. It would include a front rack frame offset by 3 inches and a rear frame offset by 6 inches.

Defining Features: A watertight rackmount case manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, custom rack frame with specific off sets and rugged external ribs for added strength.

Benefits: The customer was very pleased to get exactly what they wanted with no extra charges. They appreciated the Air Force blue custom paint job, and the external ribs reminded them of the armour used on light armoured vehicles.