Impact designed and manufactured a series of rackmount cases for the shipping and deployment of mission critical broadcast equipment used by a national television network televising the Olympic Games from London.

The Industry: Broadcast

Application: Customized rackmount cases to ship and deploy temperature sensitive, high value, broadcast equipment.

The Challenge: The broadcast equipment within the cases had ventilation ports on the right and left sides. Since the cases would always be lined up beside each other, the concern was, that the warm air exiting from one case would feed into the cool air intake of the adjacent case, causing it to overheat.

The Solution: Using 3D para-solid modeling to modify the standard rackmount design, Impact created a series of cases with side ventilation panels. When the cases were placed beside each other, the warm air exiting one case was blown towards the warm air exiting the other case. Likewise on the other side, cool air in-take ports were facing each other. Staggering left and right access panels in this way prevented thermal crossover.

Defining Features: A modified standard case with staggered access panel to accommodate side ventilation ports.

Benefits: This national broadcaster initially ordered 2 cases, but upon seeing the finished product, they increased their order, recognizing that Impact’s “no compromise” solution was key to ensuring the quality of their once in a lifetime live broadcast.