Impact Cases designed and manufactured a climate controlled shock mounted rackmount case that could be mounted on the aft deck of an unmanned patrol vessel.

The Industry: Defense

Application: A climate controlled, watertight rackmount case that adhered to military specs and could protect delicate sensor technology when lashed to the deck of a vessel.

The Challenge:
The project evolved beyond the original request, until it eventually became imperative that the case, containing highly sensitive equipment, be installed within the hull. The only access to this area was through a porthole, which was not compatible with the dimensions of the case.

The Solution: Impact created a case (fully insulated, water tight with A/C system attached) that could be disassembled into segments, passed through the porthole and reassembled inside the hull.

Defining Features: The case shell consisted of a machined aluminum, multi-segment frame, enclosed by fire retardant, insulated panels with gaskets and cooled by a chiller system.

Benefits: In spite of evolving criteria, Impact was able to creatively meet the spatial challenges and the engineering requirements necessary to achieve the customers goal of having the case housed within the vessel’s hull.