Impact Cases designed and manufactured climate controlled rackmount cases to protect analytical data systems used underground by global mining company.

Industry: Mining

Application: Climate controlled rackmounted cases to enclose a series of analytical data systems used by a leading international mining firm.

The Challenge: Climate controlled cases in subterranean environments can be explosion hazards due to sparks created when conventional A/C systems are used to cool the payload.

The Solution: Impact Cases designed and built rackmount cases with A/C inlet / outlet ports, which are connected to the mine’s fresh air system using flexible hoses. This constant flow of fresh air cooled the equipment inside, without the use of an A/C motor which could cause sparks.

Defining Features: Retractable baffles were used to connect to the mine’s fresh air system and simplify the shipment of the cases. A cable boot with hinged cover was added to allow for quick set-up.

The Benefits:The customer now has the ability to ship their climate-controlled Impact cases to any underground location and deploy their analytical data systems without fear of overheating or explosion.