Design expertise and unique manufacturing methods differentiate our performance engineered cases from those of all the competition.

The prime focus of our company is to design and fabricate the very best solution for our customer’s identified requirements. Impact Cases has chosen to offer high-end, performance oriented products utilizing patented components together with a dedicated design approach to create customer centric solutions for their packaging requirements.

The process begins with a customer dialogue to determine the scope of the requirement. Our engineers and designers then develop a comprehensive solution which propels the manufacturing phase.

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Performance and Design - Our cases are engineered for maximum strength in any condition.

Building it right the first time. Our approach to product development is exceptionally thorough with engineering and manufacturing closely collaborating to ensure that all designs are viable from both a performance and manufacturing perspective. Much of the material and hardware used in our cases is specialized and developed to meet our demanding requirements:

Impact’s patented valance system is unsurpassed in lateral shear resistance with its investment cast corner lugs providing unmatched strength where the case needs it the most. The dual gasket design improves the watertight integrity on our Target Case™ products.

The unique formed panel joint system incorporated in our ConQuest Case™ products provides strength and rigidity at the edges to yield an exceptionally robust case.

Tired of substandard 3rd party caster clip plate systems, we developed our own high strength, machined aluminum caster clip plate system to secure removable casters while on the case.

We have built our reputation on innovative designs, creative customization, impeccable engineering and the strength of aluminum.

We have earned the confidence of an international customer base, which comes primarily from the military, aerospace, security, telecommunications and high-end electronics industries. Typical customers are those with high value, mission critical payloads requiring performance engineered protection.

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We are committed to maintaining our reputation for consistently manufacturing an exceptional product and providing unrivalled customer service.

We are also committed to acting responsibly in terms of protecting the environment, providing fair economic opportunities and promoting work safety. Consideration for the individual and our community, guides all of our business affairs. Our privately owned, family business started in 1976 and has grown to become internationally recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of aluminum cases. We are convinced that through our relentless R&D program, we will ensure the ongoing success of our clients and the continued growth of our company.
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ISO Certification

ISO Certification

At Impact Cases we are committed to constantly improving both our products and our processes through our adherence to ISO 9001-2015.

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